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EnviroCert is a standard that guides organizations in the design and implementation of environmental management systems (EMS). EnviroCert has specific design to meet the needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses. Larger organizations may also apply EnviroCert if they only want to improve their environmental performance but are not required to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

EnviroCert helps organizations identify and control their impacts on the environment. They are able to redesign their business activities to reduce the effects their activities have on the environment.

Here at ISO Certifications Australia we offer services for EnviroCert Certification.


How is EnviroCert different from ISO 14001?

EnviroCert and ISO 14001 are quite similar in many ways. In fact, EnviroCert is based on ISO 140001’s principles and requirements. EnviroCert also follows the same approach as the international standard and has a similar structure.

The main difference between the two standards is that EnviroCert is much easier to understand and apply. It is for application in small and medium sized enterprises. It is therefore written in plain language. The requirements of the standard are also more suitable for smaller organizations. For example, internal audits and management reviews that are a prominent feature in ISO 14001 are adapted to suit smaller organizations.

Because smaller organizations are not as complex as large organizations, the duration required for certification under EnviroCert is typically shorter than that required for ISO 14001.

Because EnviroCert has a basis of the principles and requirements of ISO 14001, it can act as a credible alternative for small and medium sized companies. An independent audit is necessary and the report submitted to an independent Certification Approval Panel. This panel makes the final decision on whether to award certification or not.


Why Get Certified?

  • It is a simple way of assuring customers and other stakeholders that make demands on your business to be environmentally conscious.
  • EnvirCert certification ensures that you comply with environmental legislations and regulations. This reduces legal or financial liabilities related to the environment. You also establish better relationships with regulatory authorities as a result of compliance.
  • Implementing an EMS encourages efficient use of resources. This reduces your overall operating costs.
  • Implementation of the system will help you reduce the negative impacts of your business on the environment thereby encouraging overall environmental sustainability.


Are you a small or medium sized business? Do you want to reduce the impact of your business activities on the environment? Contact us to get started on EnviroCert Certification. 

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