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Integrated Quality, Environment & Safety Management System Certification (IQES: 2012)

Are you interested in implementing a management system that combines quality, safety and environmental aspects? We at ISO Certification Australia offer certifications solutions for Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems (IQES: 2012).

IQES: 2012 is a unique integrated management system that is specific to Australia. It has specific design to suit the needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses. It assists these smaller organizations in establishing, implementing and maintaining a management system that integrates Environment, Safety and Quality.


Who should be certified?

This integrated system is suitable for those organizations that are not required to implement any particular component of the management system.

The integrated system however, has a modular structure. This enables organizations to implement a specific module at any given time or a combination at once. This is a one of a kind approach to the implementation of an integrated management system. It also offers credible options for small and medium sized businesses to obtain certification for the integrated management system.

This integrated management system is implementable by any type of organization in any industry. It is especially suitable for small and medium sized businesses that do not have the resources to implement and obtain certification for integrated ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS4801 management system.

IQES: 2012 is based on the principles of international standards. Its structure aligns with ISO standards making it easy for organizations that apply it to comply with the requirements of ISO. It is therefore possible for these organizations to upgrade to the certification of their choice i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS4801.

This saves smaller organizations a lot of time and money, as the upgrade process is cost-efficient and occurs within a shorter timeframe.



  • Your company is able to meet the requirements of its customers in relation to safety, environment and quality.
  • Your organization will experience a reduction in operating costs as a result of improved efficiency.
  • You will experience a reduction in the costs associated with environmental pollution, poor quality or injuries in the workplace.
  • The integrated system enables organizations to improve their overall strategies for managing risks.
  • Your business will reduce financial, reputational and legal liabilities.


Get started

If you are interested in implementing IQES: 2012 for your organization, contact us today. We will help find the best and most effective way of implementing the integrated system and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

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