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We provide a full range of certification options that are internationally recognized. Our team of skilled and experienced auditors will provide you with management system assessments that will add value to your business.11

Food Safety Management System Certification (ISO 22000 and HACCP)

Is your business involved in the production, processing or distribution of food products or related products? Then you should consider implementing a food safety management system. We offer ISO certification Australia services for food safety management systems including ISO 22000 and HACCP.

ISO 22000, a global standard for food safety that provides guidelines for development and implementation of a system for the management of food safety that integrates aspects of quality management. The standard is applicable for all sorts of organizations including manufacturers of food products, packaging materials, ingredients, additives, cleaning agents and equipment.

Benefits of ISO 22000

  • You can continually improve your management system to increase your competitive edge
  • Being certified gives stakeholders confidence that your company has set up controls for hazards
  • The management system will encourage the efficient use of resources thereby saving you a lot of money in the long run
  • The management system sets down processes thereby encouraging consistency throughout the process
  • The management system sets out responsibilities thereby encouraging accountability and transparency
  • The international standard enables you to introduce internationally recognized standards and processes to your organization

What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a risk management tool used to identify and control risks associated with food production and distribution. This management system is applicable throughout the supply chain. It can be critical for companies that want to maintain compliance with national or international legislations on food safety.

Benefits of HACCP

  • The system enables your business to implement food safety hazard controls that are recognized internationally
  • Implementing the system instills confidence in stakeholders that hazards have been identified and control measures have been put in place
  • The management system enables you to manage any risks along the food supply chain
  • Regularly assessing your management system will ensure early identification of risks and continuous improvement of the management system.
  • The management system ensures that your business complies with regulatory and legal requirements
  • Applying the management system opens up the horizons for your business. The standard has international recognition. It therefore breaks down trade barriers and enables you to be able to engage in trade across borders.

Our Process

  1. Gap analysis We will identify opportunities for improvement and advice you on the best way to implement the management system.
  2. Implementation Our experts will help you design and implement a food safety management system for maximum benefit.
  3. Assessment Our auditors will assess your business with the view of awarding you certification for your selected management system.
  4. Maintenance We provide support to clients to help them maintain their management systems.


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