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OHS Management System Certification

Are you concerned about safety in the workplace? We at ISO Certification Australia can help you improve workplace safety and comply with regulatory and legal requirements. We offer OHS Management System Certification for OHSAS 18001 as well as AS/NZS 4801.


Benefits of OHS Management System Certification

  • Your business will experience a reduction in the number of accidents associated with business activities
  • Getting certification demonstrates compliance to regulatory and legal requirements
  • Certification also demonstrates to stakeholders your business’ commitment to health as well as safety
  • You will be better equipped to manage health as well as safety risks that may arise now or in the future
  • Managing OHS risks will potentially reduce any public liability costs that may arise from accidents
  • Your business will experience a reduction in downtime due to injuries, illnesses or accidents. You will save money as a result of a reduction in associated costs.


Who should get certification?

Millions of workers around the world sustain injuries in the workplace. Many other workers die from fatal injuries that result from workplace accidents. If you are an organization that wants to improve safety in the workplace, then you should consider implementing a certified OHS management system.

OHS management systems are suitable for any business that values its employees and seeks to make the workplace a safer place. You can increase your workforce’s productivity by improving the conditions under which they work. OHS systems are applicable to all industries.


Our Process

Our process for OHS management system certification ensures that you get the most out of the implementation of the management system.

  1. Get started We will help you understand the benefits of implementing an OHS management system. With our assistance, you will understand the standards and on how they are applicable to your business.
  2. Implementation Our experts will help you identify the most effective way of implementing the management systems. It is our aim to help you identify the OHS management system most suitable for you (OHSAS 18001 system or AS/NZS 4801). In addition, with our support you will be able to design and implement a management system that suits the requirements of your business.
  3. Certification We provide independent assessment services for ISO certification Australia. You can count on us to assess your OHS management system and guide you in areas that can use further improvement. Our auditors do more than simply tick boxes. They provide assessments that add value to businesses.
  4. Maintenance We’ll help you maintain your OHS management system. Our experts are available to provide guidance that will encourage the continuity of your management system.


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